Testing 3D Printing of Gears

Kythera is a product sold by Glenview Software for $10 which allows you to string together complex mechanisms using spur gears. It helps you design complex mechanisms quickly on your computer and export .STL files for printing on a 3D printer. And today we'll use it to build a test mechanism, in order to test... Continue Reading →

Calibrating The Printer.

If you've ever tried to print something with precision dimensions on a 3D printer, you notice things aren't exactly the dimensions asked. Sometimes it happens because the printer is miscalibrated, but often, it's due to the technology. Take, for example, the Form 2 Printer by FormLabs. This fantastic 3D printer uses stereolithography to print parts,... Continue Reading →

And so it begins.

It's been my desire for a while now to somehow give back to the community, to teach people how to write code and how to create things, and how to take joy in designing new things and bringing them into existence. And so it begins. The intent of this blog and web site is for... Continue Reading →

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