What I’ve been doing with my time.

Okay, I confess I’ve left the gear cutting stuff on the back burner while I recover from a bug I picked up while in Mexico. During my spare time I’ve been working towards a series of videos which I hope to post on this site that discuss various topics in computer science.

The goal of this first series of videos is twofold. First, I want to describe how computers work–and I mean down to the level of transistors all the way up. I want you to feel like if you had enough transistors, resistors, some discrete components and a whole bunch of wire and a lot of time and patience, you could build a computer completely from scratch.

Second, I’m trying to find my “voice.”

See, my entire point in starting this blog is to share what I know and to hopefully get others excited about computers, computer science, electronics, calculators (and that includes mechanical calculators; thus, the gear cutting stuff). And one avenue of teaching is the instructional video.

So by starting with a relatively complex topic, I hope to learn how to put together videos like this.

Practice makes perfect, right?

So here’s the video, any constructive comments are welcome.

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William Woody

I'm a software developer who has been writing code for over 30 years in everything from mobile to embedded to client/server. Now I tinker with stuff and occasionally help out someone with their startup.

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