Wire forms.

So if you’ve been watching my Quick Videos you know I’ve been building a lot of circuits on prototype boards. I also took the liberty of 3D printing a couple of useful tools to help measure and bend wire.

The first on the left helps measure lengths of wire; each wire is measured in each groove 0.7″ longer than the number of holes (separated by 0.1″ in length) indicated on the scale. (That’s because the strippers I use to trim the hookup wire for my prototyping breadboard cuts around 0.35″ off the ends of each wire, so this allows the insulation to be precisely the right length.)

The second helps bend wires precisely by the number of 0.1″ lengths desired, and even has a small cylindrical impression for resistors:

Bending Resistors

All of the designs were created using OpenSCAD, and printed using a Form 2 Printer. The files can be downloaded from here: wireforms.zip

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