A quick update

So for the past few weeks I’ve been building 1 bit registers. And I mean a whole bunch; 32 to be precise. For registers B through E of our 8-bit digital computer.

And now I’m starting to wire them together.

This is a circuit which implements the entire circuit we described in Introduction to Digital Computers, Part 4.

It’s not quite working yet; I need to finish wire wrapping the back pane, and building a test circuit to put it through its paces.


But the number of transistors we need to make this have grown, and I’ve filled the original panel almost entirely full. And once it’s done, we can walk through a demo of the circuits actually in action.

Then onto Introduction to Digital Computers Part 5, where we control the circuits with another circuit, building a functional computer, followed by Part 6 where we talk about instruction decoding and decoding strategies.