MeWilliam Woody

I graduated from the California Institute of Technology back in 1988, and since then I’ve been writing software in a variety of fields from computer graphics and acoustical analysis to server-side software, and more recently mobile software development.

My interests span from algorithm development and software development to creating things in the physical world, and the point of this blog is to provide how-to tips on building some of the things I’m tinkering with, as well as teaching various software techniques. Think of it as my own private little maker space, but where we also make software as well as hardware.

I’ve always wanted to teach; to pass on my knowledge, and perhaps this will serve to scratch that itch.

I maintain several other sites as well. Feel free to check out some of the projects I’ve published on GitHub; I’m not the most active person there but I do maintain some examples of my work. I also maintain a technical blog where I discuss some of my passions at Chaos In Motion, and my own freelance company is Glenview Software, where I maintain some links to work I’ve done recently.