A quick update

So for the past few weeks I've been building 1 bit registers. And I mean a whole bunch; 32 to be precise. For registers B through E of our 8-bit digital computer. And now I'm starting to wire them together. This is a circuit which implements the entire circuit we described in Introduction to Digital... Continue Reading →

Quick Video: The Accumulator

A new quick video with a bit of a status update: I now have a working accumulator register tied to my ALU. (I'm also working on the flags register as well as the 4 8-bit registers B through E introduced in the "Introduction to Digital Computers Part 4" video. This includes video of the ALU... Continue Reading →

It was bound to happen.

One of the boards I designed simply does not work. Worse, it's not a simple error: I can't simply cut one or two lines on the board and run jumpers. Turns out a bunch of resistors were incorrectly wired to power--and cutting them would require so much work it's easier to basically start over again.... Continue Reading →

It’s alive!

So it turns out my 1 bit ALU--which has both circuitry for our accumulator and a tristate circuit to write to our bus, works correctly! Over the next week my plan is to assemble 8 of them and hook them up to my ALU.

My accumulator boards just showed up!

They're nowhere near as complicated as the 1 bit ALU boards, but they do contain the accumulator circuit as discussed in our "Introduction to Digital Computers Part 4 video, along with a single tristate circuit for allowing the contents to be written to our bus, as discussed elsewhere in the same video. These accumulator circuits... Continue Reading →

Showing the weather.

So here's a quick little Arduino project which combines an Ethernet shield, a display shield and an Arduino-compatible Adafruit Metro to display the current weather and forecast. The goal of this project was to pull weather data from a remote server (in this case, the DarkSky API) to display the current temperature, weather and a... Continue Reading →

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