And so it begins.

It’s been my desire for a while now to somehow give back to the community, to teach people how to write code and how to create things, and how to take joy in designing new things and bringing them into existence.

And so it begins.

The intent of this blog and web site is for me to share with you different development techniques and algorithms, different designs and different things to make. Think of this as an extension to the various “makers movements” out there, the Thingiverse, Make Magazine and DIY tech stuff, but with a focus on things I find interesting, from algorithm design to 3D printing to computer graphics and the like.

This may not be the most focused blog in the world, as I tend to like to play with a wide variety of algorithms, software and hardware designs, and just random stuff in general. But hopefully you’ll learn something along the way.

Thanks for being here, and I hope you hang around for a while!